Oxenforder FOSS Book - Hardcover

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Watch the three Oxenforder children and adorable pets as they begin the Process of Learning to swim. Begin to Swim takes them through the introduction to swimming, first day at school and overcoming initial hopes and fears. Elizabeth, Henry and Earl practice at school and at home learning to submerge repeatedly without holding their nose. The author provides important tips for the adult reader in a green footnote at the bottom of most pages, explaining the important facts about drowning and safety skills.

Six key skills are practiced and performed by the three children as they begin the process of submerging, floating, breathing and self-rescue. The FOSS Swim School has 21 locations in 6 Midwestern states and has been a leader in the industry since 1993 teaching almost 25 million lessons with a fun, scientifically correct method. Jon and Susan Foss founded the company under the principles of mastery learning of skills and have spoken in the USA, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia and Europe.


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